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Management personals of multinationals are operating in an environment of intense review and challenge. Transactions inter-company pricing, structuring and funding are increasingly under the limelight. So now management personals of multinationals are looking to align their global tax position with their overall business strategy, to be aggressive and provide value to stakeholders.



We at R.Tulsian & Co LLP helps our clients to manage their business tax burden by uncovering opportunities, managing global tax risks and meeting cross-border reporting obligations.

Using Versatile teams, we work with our clients to manage global operational changes and transactions, capitalization and repatriation issues and transfer pricing and tax efficient supply chain management – from forward planning, through reporting, to maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities. Our professionals draw on their global vision and perspectives to help you build enthusiastic and combined global tax strategies that address the tax risks of today’s businesses and help achieve sustainable growth..

Our Services

We develop standard and personalized solutions to reduce the overall tax burden of our clients wherever they operate.

India Outbound Tax Advisory Services

As Indian companies continue to implement international growth strategies, business models will continue to increase in complexity. Our India Outbound Tax Advisory Group brings to clients leading expertise on all tax issues critical to Indian companies with overseas operations or those planning global initiatives.

International Tax and Dispute Settlement

As trade across borders continues to grow, disputes on taxability of cross-border transactions are bound to increase.

Our services include:

  • Assisting clients with competent authority proceedings for resolving international tax disputes to achieve a mutual agreement between the Contracting States to a treaty
  • Assist in seeking advance rulings from the Authority for Advance Rulings in India on complex international tax issues relating to cross-border transactions

Transfer Pricing Services

Our combination of tax and economics in our transfer pricing capabilities enables us to develop and implement technique that are sound, flexible and fully compliant with the transfer pricing regulations. Further, this approach also ensures a creative and aggressive tax planning process for our clients. Since the introduction of transfer pricing legislation in India, our International Tax Services team has assisted a number of multinational companies across a diverse range of industries to address their transfer pricing challenges.

Regulatory services

Our team of professionals, across India, comes with high probity and technical capability. Each one of our Regulatory team professionals -

  • Knows how these regulations can impact our clients business
  • Has the ability to prompt the future direction of these regulations and the issues arising thereof
  • Posses expertise in the regulatory framework of an identified industry
  • Has sufficient intensity to hand-hold in the investment / transaction process
  • Consistently focused on providing solutions to these regulatory challenges

Challenges for organizations

There are various regulatory challenges that an organization might face such as:

  • Establish a new business, or
  • undertaking a transaction in a regulated sector, or
  • trying to endure with numerous changes in the regulatory environment, or
  • seeking approvals / licenses
  • seeking public policy support

Our services


  • Regulatory Conformation –We advice our clients for transactions/ investments/ business models and capital markets transactions in view of Indian regulatory framework; Advise on regulatory environment impacting client's business, Mapping of regulatory processes; review/drafting of documentation from regulatory standpoint.
  • Regulatory Implications & Compliances  -We advice our clients on regulatory implications of a appropriate transaction, business model etc, undertaking specific or turnkey ongoing regulatory compliances
  • Approvals , Clarifications, Setting up business etc. -Representations before Government authorities and assistance  in obtaining regulatory approvals/ clarifications/ dispensations from various regulatory authorities. Assistance in setting up and closing businesses
  • Financing Projects –Assistance in complying with Indian and foreign legislation (incl. obtaining approvals) for fund raising transactions in the overseas markets such as FCCBs, ADR/GDRs, private fund raising etc
  • Regulatory Risk and Public Policy Support –Advise on upcoming/ probable regulations, investment rules, licensing regime, investment scheme etc, dealing with ambiguity in current/ new regulations. These services are normally provided under retainership agreements





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